The Deep Blue Sea (Perfume Thoughts: Polo Deep Blue, Polo Ralph Lauren)

375x500.59650I don’t know what I was expecting when I tried a sample of Polo Deep Blue. Maybe I had high hopes because once upon a time, decades ago, I wore the original Polo green bottle almost everyday. But I can’t remember the last time a Polo fragrance impressed me – I think I like the coffee note in Polo Red but that’s about it. Polo Deep Blue is exactly what you think if would be – an aquatic aromatic fragrance. I see the top notes listed as mango ang grapefruit, and if they were there they must have been fleeting because what I get here is just the boring middle notes – generic woodsy citrusy notes that are everywhere in designers’ men fragrance. They are so basic and interchangeable, and this smells like any other mens fragrance out there. This has no unique personality whatsoever. I gotta say, though, it is strong – the sillage is enormous – I kind of felt bad for my Uber driver this morning.

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