Plain Ol Vanilla (Movie Thoughts: Vanilla)

vanI seem to be going through a ‘watching movie’ rut lately. Nothing is exciting me, nothing is interesting to me.  I have a huge to-watch pile but nothing is screaming to me. I pull something out of it, but I end up starting and stopping. I think I have started Will Dennis’ ‘Vanilla’ a couple of times that I just told myself, just let it play, just go along with wherever it is taking you. The film took a while for me to get going, but it’s ok. It’s kind of a love story, and a road trip film. The characters are a little interesting, an app maker and a stand up comic,  and though the characterizations are on the familiar side, the actors (Will Dennis himself and Kelsea Bauman) inject a little bit more. This is one of those films that, halfway through, you already know where you are going to end up, but Dennis gives you a twist or two to wake you up.

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