Cloying (Series Thoughts: Crash Landing On You, Netflix)

I may be the only one I know who is not hooked on KDramas. Everyone I talk kep on telling me to indulge in them, that they are dreamy and romantic escapers.

Fine. I acquiesced by watching the first episode of ‘Crash Landing On You,’ which is available on Netflix. And of course I have thoughts.

First of all, I have to marvel at the technical aspects of the series – it is shot beautifully, and the production values are definitely stellar – they pour a lot of money and effort into the series.

Still, it’s saddled with a lot of baggage fort me – the chemistry seems to be manufactured enough to succeed – you know everything has been picked apart in there. And yes I admit that the main cast – the lovers – are beautiful but Hyun Bin, who skyrocketed to fame because of this, just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s just a personal taste thing – all on me.

The question is – will I keep on watching? I think I will – the story is interesting enough. I’ll keep you in touch if it keeps me reeled in.

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