I Have Been Here Before (Perfume Thoughts: Explorer, Mont Blanc)

o.85444On the cardboard thingie holding my sample of Mont Blanc’s ‘Explorer,’ there is a blurb describing the scent. The copy says: ” Mont blanc Explorer is an invitation to a fantastic journey, an irresistible call to adventure.’  Sounds good, right? Since we cannot travel right now, sounds like this is the next best thing, right? So I spritz and I wait for magic to happen.  Explorer has notes of Italian Bergamot and Haitian Veitver, and Patchouli from Sulawesi. then how come it smells like I went to a department store in the Valley? This is a freshie, and sure that’s fine, bit it doesn’t take me anywhere. There’s is nothing terribly wrong with this scent – it has nice longevity and sillage – but you kind of have to ask – what differentiates it? I read on Fragrantica that three – count em, three – noses collaborated on this scent. It smells so familiar and generic, and boring that they need not have bothered.

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