It’s The Trumpet (Music Thoughts: When You’re Smiling, Jumaane Smith)

91JM19p2s5L._SS500_If you are a Michael Bublé fan, then you probably have heard of Jumaane Smith. Smith has been playing trumpet for the crooner and his band for the past fifteen years, and the singer is very generous in giving him a spot to ‘introduce’ him to his audience. You can tell that from the live track that closes his new album, ‘When You’re Smiling.’ In it, he plays ‘You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You’ from a concert in Ireland and you can feel the thrill of the audience as he plays his trumpet and sings on the track.

You will feel that enthusiasm as you listen to this album, where he sings and plays piano. You can hear his influence – Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima – but he gives the songs a modern touch, and the sound feels instantly intimate. I love the lushness of ‘I’ll Never Smile Again.’  it’s make out music at its finest. And you know he can swing like a mf, like in ‘Is You is or Is You Ain’t My Baby.’ I think this will be one of those albums that I will love more as I listen more to it.

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