I Love You More Today Than Yesterday (Movie Thoughts: Palm Springs)

palm-springs-poster-scaled‘Palm Springs’ made history at Sundance earlier this year as the biggest sale in the history of the festival – ever. It sold for 17,500,000.69, and that sixty nine cents is pivotal because it broke the record for 2016’s ‘Birth Of A Nation.’  I wonder if the price was worth it. It set high expectations for the film, and of course, this was before a pandemic happened, so a theatrical release was probably skipped, and now it is streaming on Hulu. I had been looking forward to seeing the film – I am a rom com addict after all – and if there had been a theatrical release, I think I would have been there on opening night.

Now I wonder if the film would have played better on the big screen. The idea of the film seems to be made for it – it is a large idea, about a couple who meet at a wedding, only that wedding day is in an infinite loop, kind of a ‘groundhog Day’ kind of situation. Before you can say ‘I’ve seen this before,’ the story has some different elements, and at most times is quite funny. It is a rom com with some sci-fi elements, and … that’s where it lost me. I always gravitated when romance is triggered by human emotions rather than super circumstances – and it took me a while to get on board with this. Andy Sambery and Christin Milioti are very good, too, and they ultimately made me cross over to believe everything, but I haver to admit, the ‘sci fi’ part was a big distraction for me. Ultimately, I liked the film, but probably not enough for repeat watchings, and certainly not worth the price, with out without the sixty nine cents.

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