All Almond All The Time (Perfume Thoughts: Wonderlust, Michael Kors)

375x500.39459I’ve seen Wonderlust everywhere (it’s from 2016) but I only tried it now because Macy’s sent me a sample in the mail. I never paid attention to it, probably because I thought it would be one of those generic fruity florals that are a dime a dozen at the malls. But I was pleasantly surprised by this. It’s by no means a treasure – the notes feel plastic – but it is kind of different. The idea, I read, is that is that they wanted to recreate “almond milk blended with a spicy creamy floral.”  The almond note is nice, and I wish it was more almond-y, but blended with the heliotrope made it less threatening. The middle and base notes are more basic – there’s that generic sandalwood, but the added benzoine gives it kind of a niche-y edge. On a hot summer day like today it felt just a tad heavy, but nit unpleasantly so. And I would wear this – probably more to the office and on weekend mornings, but I wouldn’t be opposed, you know?

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