Still Darkness (Miniseries Thoughts: I Know This Much Is True, Episode 2, HBO)


Things are still bleak over at the second episode of ‘I Know This Much Is True.’ And honestly, I don’t know how much if it I can take. I know the show aired in May but I am just watching it now, and in the middle of the pandemic, it is not the cheeriest thing to watch. As Thomas gets into a facility ad Dominick tries to get him out of there, there are pile ons – red tape, mostly – and it’s too much to bear. It has been like this for two episodes now, and is light ever going to come ?

It’s not boring, though. I find myself watching, and yes, I find myself wanting to see what happens next, although I don’t know if the show is bingeable that way, as I kind of want space between episodes. Mark Ruffalo is great in boith his roles, although I still say he is a little on the ‘over’ side of things. And the supporting cast is great from Kathryn hahn, Rosie O Donnell, and Archei Panjabi.

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