A Change Is Gonna Come (Movie Thoughts: The Way You Look Tonight)

The-Way-You-Look-Tonight-2019-onesheetAmazon Prime suggested some new movies for me lately. I kind of look at the service as a stepchild: I know it’s there buy never really spend a lot of time on it. I feel like they have a lot of ‘middling’ films that are kind of fillers, but once in a while I chance upon something interesting, like for example, John Cerrito’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight.’ First off, I don’t know how I feel about the film using the title of one of my favorite Jerome Kern songs, but the title does fit. The film is an ‘accidental’ LGBTQIA+ film, if you ask me. It’s about Peter (Nick Fink) who goes on a blind date and after a wonderful time, the woman disappears in the morning. He keeps on dating and finds a common thread with all the women – a green sweater. It turns out Helois is a changeling – a person who changes bodies everyday.  And during a certain cycle in. a month even changes genders. The film shows us that we really fall in love with the person inside, and not the physical body that we possess. But of course, that physicality is what attracts us in the first place. The film posits quite a thoughtful premise, and it made me really think about a lot of things, and was presented in a serious manner, minimizing obvious cheap laughs.

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