Fibbing (Film Thoughts: White Lie)

White_Lie_PosterI think ‘White Lie’ is one of the more interesting movies I have seen of late. Directed by Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas, it is about a young college student, Kacey Rohl as Katie. In the opening scene, we see Katie shaving her head, and is faking cancer. She has a lot of campaigns going on, fundraisings for her condition and for her dancing career. In the course of the film, we see her trying to save this lie: falsifying medical records, pretending to take medication and chemotherapy for it funding these by fooling her girlfriend for cash. It’s kind of a thriller – we don’t know if she will get caught. For some reason, I sympathized with her, even though clearly what she is doing is wrong. I had questions, too: for example, where was she spending the money? It doesn’t look like she is living some lavish lifestyle. It looks like she has been pretending to do this since she was younger, but it is unclear as to why – attention, fame? Rohl is convincing – a little scary, but for some reason I was taking her side, which makes me question myself, perhaps the directors wants us to? This is what made for the film to be such an interesting watch.

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