Let’s Be Bad (Perfume Thoughts: Bad Boy, Carolina Herrera)

375x500.55449Another day, another department store mens fragrance to try. I have to say, though, that I have not smelled Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera yet, and I already want the bottle – look at it, it is like a lightning bolt squared with a stapler. The women’s version is a studded high heel, and I am guessing the bottle is supposed to be some kind of men’s shoe, and it’s stunning.

The scent? It’s not too bad. I actually like CH scents, they are. little different than most. The initial blast of Bad Boy is very familiar – the ‘fresh; bergamot woodsy accord, but as it settles down, it gets just a little bit more gourmand-y – a chocolate/coco note thats’ dark and sweet. It’s not the most unique scent, but it’s at least not the same old thing that you get everywhere. Will I wear it? I imagine it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for colder temperature months. The bottle, though, is luring me…

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