Unapologetic Bitches (Television Thoughts: Vida, Season 3 Finale)

I have been watching Vida since the first episode and now that it has reached its finale, I feel kind of sad. I have been with them these brief years and they somehow felt like friends. If there was one word I can use to describe the people in Vida, I would use unapologetic. These people lived their lives with all the fire and passion one can muster, ad you have to give them credit. Over the yeas, the show has raised a couple of issues – perhaps too much at times – and in the third season, there were more. We see scenes of ICE operatives arresting undocumented people in the middle of the streets, in front of their families, and they even raise the issue that some of these officers are their own people. The relationship between Lyn and Emma is the heart of the show, and though the last scene is a bit open-ended, we get the feeling that everything will be alright – these sisters have each other.

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