Quietly (Music Thoughts: Living Room Sessions, Debora Hull)

I chanced upon Debora Hull’s album ‘Living Room Sessions’ on Spotify, and what a wonderful discovery. It is one of those intimate albums, a la Julie London, that is probably best listened to at home, by a fireplace, with a nice bottle of wine. And in these Covid pandemic times, it is the perfect soundtrack to staying home and relaxing. There’s not much on her website, only that she lives in the Netherlands, and loves her cat and husband, But there’s no need for more information, only to just sit and appreciate her take on songs like ‘Night and Day,’ and “The Man I Love,’ among others. Her relaxed nuanced style is appealing, one of those voices that gain depth as you listen to it more. There is an interesting track titled ‘Bengawan Solo,’ which is about an Indonesian river, and for me is the best track in the album.

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