One To Pass (Perfume Thoughts: CK EveryOne, Calvin Klein)

375x500.59021Back before the pandemic hit, Macy’s sent me a small box of samples, mostly department store brands. I have been slowly sampling them, and I am almost finished. One of the scents in there is CK Everyone, which is a flanker of CK One. I used tp douse myself in CK One back in the day, so I was kind of looking forward to this – I thought, if for anything, it might remind me of that classic scent (and my memories of them)

Well, surprise, but this has none of the charm of the original. What do we get? A basic generic cedar-ish scent. I say ish because the cedar here smells so synthetic. There is a quick orange blast in the opening, but blink and it’s gone, and then you get the aquatic notes that dilute whatever character that orange brought. Seriously, I keep on sniffing it to see if there is any depth to the scent, but nada. Not really a scrubber but devoid of any artistry.

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