Scare B N B (Movie Thoughts: The Rental)

15126097Say what? I saw a horror film? Let me explain. First, I have heard very good things about Dave Franco’s ‘The Rental.’ And Dave is my preferred Franco brother so there’s that. Plus, this has Dan Stevens and Alison Brie, so those are added points. I figured I could watch the film during the day so I wouldn’t be scared. Well, I need not worry, because I wasn’t really scared, even if it did have a well-done soundtrack that gives chills. The film is half-relationship drama, and I really liked that part – about halfway through that part was quite engrossing, and I was asking myself, when will the ‘horror’ part kick in? When it did, it felt a little anti-climactic. But for me, it didn’t matter, the relationship drama part was well done, and was enough to make the film satisfying for me.  Franco has a great ear for characters and Brie was particularly wonderful in an underwritten role. Some people said that this film will kill the air bnb business, but the pandemic already did that job.

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