The Italian Job (Movie Thoughts: Made In Italy)

EYlyN_6UEAA54HHThe subtext is there, and it will hit you – Liam Neeson and his real-life son Micheal Richardson plays a father and son who has to face grieving for their dead wife/mother. I am sure it was a harrowing and probably cathartic experience for them. And I admit, I carried that with me while watching James D’arcy’s ‘Made In Italy.’ That aspect brings humanity and honesty to the film, even if D’arcy’s screenplay feels artificial and full of tropes. But, I liked the film – a lot. Neeson is fantastic as Robert, who repairs a broken relationship with his son as they try to repair their Italian house before selling. In fact, Neeson is so good that you can see Richardson’s greenness right away, but it hardly matters because you get sucked in the film right away, with help of the beautiful scenery of Montalcino, Italy, where it is shot. As soon as you see the Italian village, you know you (or the characters) will never be able to leave it. It’s a great escape in these Covid times – the scenery and the film – that you will be able to overcome the triteness of the storytelling.

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