Liz Please (Stage Thoughts: Liz Callaway with Seth Rudetsky)

lizposThere have been so many of these live stream concerts nowadays I am honestly a little fatigued by them. But there are some I cannot resist, and Liz Callaway is one artist I will always see if I can, and it was so easy to tune in to The Seth Concert Series with her, with Seth Rudetsky on piano. As they pointed out, the difference with this is that she is singing live with Seth on piano, and as she admitted, she has not sung live since March, so of course she opens with he version of ‘As IF We Never Saud Goodbye,’ and indeed there is no one out there with a voice so clear and youthful than Callaway’s. It’s girlish but not immature, and it is inimitably made for show tunes. She sang showstopper after showstopper, with all of my favorites in there: ‘You There In The Back Row,’ ‘Since You Stayed Here,’  and ;The Story Goes On’ in there, just three of my absolute favorite songs of hers. I loved all the anecdotal side lights, including her stories while in the cast of ‘Merrily We Roll Along,’ and ‘Baby.’  More, more.

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