Eighty Eight (Movie Thoughts: Lucky Grandma)

I expected a whole different film in ‘Lucky Grandma’ before seeing it, and I don’t know where I got the different idea from – its poster? its marketing? I thought i would be watching a quirky comedy, but Sasie Sealy’s film is something different – a thriller/action film with a very unlikely protagonist – a Chinese grandma who relied on old school fate only to be played by it. Tsai Chin, playing Grandma Wong, is a great actress, and she is everything you want the Granda Wong character to be, but I just did not enjoy this film. It felt very forced, and the story not believable that it trumped all the good effort by everyone trying to make the film good. It’s a slickly produced film, but for me it felt hollow – pretty to look at, and without enough distractions to mask its deficiencies.

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