First Comes Love Then Comes Covid (Television Thoughts: Love In The Time of Corona, Freeform)

It had to happen. I am pretty sure we will be getting a whole lot of stories about corona virus, it’s just a matter of when. Freeform has come up with ‘Love In The Time of Corona,’ a four part mini-series about, well, all kinds of love in these pandemic times. It stars actors who are already quarantining together, and it is one of the first ones I have seen that look ‘normal,’ meaning unboxed by Zoom screen limitations.

It is pretty specific – about Angelenos and how they make love fit in the midst of the pandemic, and it is pretty specific too in terms of time – it covers that initial time when we first got locked down. There was still a huge sense of optimism then, there was hope we could still have some semblance of summer, for example. It centers around four stories. I have to say it started out weird, as I wasn’t sure if I was ready to watch these stories yet – everything is still happening outside as I write so i don’t know if watching this would be an ‘escape’ or an aggravation. I need not have worried – the stories are kind of universal, if a bit common. My favorite is about the ‘binary’ guy Oscar who finds out his roommate – a young girl – is in love with him, even though he is pursuing relationships with males. At first I didn’t know where the story was going to end up in as some parts were awkward, but it landed okay, if safe. Leslie Odom Jr plays a man who initially wanted to have another baby until the race cases brought up complications. The stories are all relatable, and pretty to take, and I have to admit I felt ferklempt towards the end. By no means are they deep, but they do touch.

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