Keys Closed (Music Thoughts: Keys To My Heart, Anne Bisson)

I used to more adventurous in the music I listen to but it is a trait when you get older that you are not as ‘welcoming’ to things you do not understand. I am listening now to Anne Bisson’s new album ‘Keys to My Heart,’ and I am just nit getting it. Maybe it’s my mood, and definitely it’s me – it’s a jazzier album that most jazz vocals I listen to, and a lot more discordant than I can handle. There’s nothing wrong with that, for sure… it’s just giving me a headache.

I don’t understand, for example, why a simple beautiful song like ‘For me, formidable’ had to go through so much hoops in her hands. And she brings freneticism to the Roberta Flack song ‘Kissing me Softly’ that I just cannot connect with. The rest of the original material? Well, let me just take a Tylenol instead.

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