An Afternoon Gift (Stage Thoughts: The Callaway Hideaway – Ann Hampton Callaway sings The Bergmans and Beyond)

It must be really tough for artists to find an avenue to showcase their talents nowadays. But somehow, art persists and they create, we just need to sometimes seek where they show. Ann Hampton Callaway launched a series of Zoom-based concerts called ‘The Callaway Hideaway’ and it is great for her – who knew that Zoom would make her intimate music feel more so?

Her latest effort, ‘Ann Hampton Callaway sings The Bergmans and Beyond’ is wonderful. The concept alone would have made me cross hoops to join: a celebration of Marilyn and Alan Bergman.

The Bergmans have provided lyrics to some of the most wonderful love songs, and Callaway sang a whole lot of them with her inimitable warmth and feeling – you can really tell she loves these songs as much as we do, as she sang the most beautiful versions of ‘What are you Doing the rest of your life,’ and ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing,’ just for starters. My favorites were all of them, but I tore up in the beauty of ‘On My Way To You,’ the wedding song for my wedding that would probably never happen. I couldn’t help but feel that the whole show was a gift – I felt so many emotions just in a span of seventy five minutes.

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