In Any Language (Music Thoughts: Tokyo Sessionds, Delfina Oliver)

Delfina Oliver is an Argentinian jazz singer who got a gig in the prestigious Tokyo jazz room featured in the movie ‘Lost in Translation.’ When in Tokyo, she recorded ‘Tokyo Sessions,’ her fourth album, and really, that is all I know about this singer, and this album.

But the music says it all – Oliver has delivered a fine jazz vocal album. I was initially drawn to the album because of the cherry blossoms design on the cover, but the music is just as fragrant.

Oliver has a nice tender touch to these songs, and I like her nice Ella-esque version of ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ very much – it’s pure and heartfelt. But she can rhythmic, too, as evidenced in her ‘Love for Sale.’ And she gives tribute to her native Argentina with ‘Tonada del Viejo Amor,’ which is a tradional folk Zamba and in ‘Takeda No Komoriuta,’ a Japanese one. In any language, she is terrific.

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