Viney (Scent Thoughts: Cypress and Grapevine, Jo Malone)

I wear perfume heavily so I have always gravitated to Jo Malone’s Cologne Intense Line – I have always thought the line to. be more ‘adventurous’ than their regular one. So I was excited to hear of it’s latest release, ‘Cypress and Grapevine.’

What a disappointment. The scent is your basic fresh woodsy masculine-leaning cologne that would be welcome only at the men’s department store section. One sniff from it and it conures images fo Dior Sauvage or Versace Dylan Blue,

Jo Malone in the beginning was the niche of all niche brands. I think this is one of their worst releases. It is not a bad scent – I can see what went into it quality wise, but it just feels so unimaginative, and so basic. And with perfume, that is the worst thing, in my opinion.

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