Pia, Intimately (Music Thoughts, All or Nothing at All, Pia Zadora)

Well, what do you know, Pia Zadora has released a new album. Titled ‘All or Nothing At All,’ it is an album of standards, and it’s not too bad. She was never really a bad singer, despite what people said. I mean, she used to open for Sinatra so she has an intimate relationship with a lot of these songs. In the album, her breathy sexy voice is perfectly matched with easy arrangements, and she does these songs very well.

But really, it just goes down too easy, and it is instantly forgettable. I don’t see anything unique with her voice and she sounds like any other jazzette out there. She has a solid but staid repertoire – you have heard all these songs before, and you probably have heard them sung better. You can hear this at any random airport hotel lounge.

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