Elitists (Movie Thoughts: Coastal Elites, HBO)

Some (most?) of the material presented in Paul Rudnick’s ‘Coastal Elites’ was supposed to have been staged at The Public Theater in New York City, but because of the pandemic, it has been relegated to Zoom-type monologues. This has proven difficult – I think some of the pieces in the film work well in the medium, but I could just imagine it being better on stage.

But I like most of what I saw. But then again, I am the target market for this – a coastal elite, I can identify with most of what the characters her say. Some i have even said myself.

Bette Midler stars in the opening monologue, about a Jewish NYC woman. I like the character, and I have known a couple of them in my lifetime, and Midler is effective – funny and colorful. But it wore a little bit after a while. Issa Rae’s section to me was the most effective, and it was probably good that I didn’t realize it was her until later one, having been unimpressed by her everything in the past. Dan Levy’s section was weak for me – it felt unconnected to the rest of the pieces, and Sarah Paulson’s was as bti forced, too. All in all, though, most of it was entertaining enough.

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