Call Me after the Chiogga Festival (Series Thoughts: We Are What We Are, S01 E03)

I love how Luca Guadigno celebrates art in his projects, and we see that here in ‘We Are What We Are’ as well when the third episode, ‘Right Here Right Now III’ open with Fraser and Caitlyn discussing about poetry. Walt Whitman, Ocean Vuong – I cannot think of any other show that would mention both of those names in the same episode. It seems that Fraser and Cait have been spending a lot of time together, so much so that their group of friends now think they are dating (she doesn’t mind, he has issues about it) And in a scene that is another nod to ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ Fraser tells her, ‘We will never kiss,’ and then uses a wine bottle to shake her hand. Of course this is reminiscent of that scene wherein Elio and Oliver make a truce and use the artifact to shake hands See – I can always find a connection to the film – tribute or repetition for Guadigno? I love the relationship between the two kids – they obviously found some kind of kinship with each other, and at fourteen years old, it is nice to have someone to talk to about your life questions, like what transgender means.

My favorite part is the scene at the library, when Fraser returns his book of Ocean Vuong poetry. Major Jonathan is there, and he has been waiting for the same book. You can see that Fraser has a crush on him, and it intensifies when he finds out they share the same love for poetry, even the same port. They discuss that Vuong is to release his novel, and yes, I have read that novel, and now wonder if Guadigno will make it into a movie – yeah all kinds of things happening here.

And we get to the Chiogga festival. It made me miss Italy. It made me miss Italian gelato when the screen pans to a closed gelateria. And then we see Fraser see his mom with Jonathan, and he sees them dancing. You can see the range of emotions in his face. I wish Grazier was a better actor, but he falls short in that scene, as it could have been more powerful. But he’s good enough, and he is young still.

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