Too Rich (Series Thoughts: Filthy Rich, Pilot, Fox)

Kim Catrall headlines the new soap opera series on Fox, titled ‘Filthy Rich,’ and it really seems to be a good idea, at least on paper. She is the diva of all divas, and would be a great modern Joan Collins. And she has the juiciest role here in this new show, and even has the most fabulous name – Margaret Monreaux, the wife of a tele-evangelist a la Jim Bakker. The character herself is an Oprah type, with her own television show hawking recipes and such.

But of course all is not what it seems. Her husband, played by Gerald Raney, goes missing from a plane crash and puts the family in disarray – well, the family finds out he has fathered three other adult children, besides his two with Margaux.

That’s a lot already happening in the first episode, and to be honest, it feels rushed. I think the writers here do not want you to get bored, serving you bombshell after bombshell scene after scene. It feels exhausting, and at the same time lazy. We never het character exposition, and we get a whole bunch of them here. I think that’s most important – we hardly know Margaux, first of all, and she is the star of the show.

But you know what, I will keep on watching, and see where this goes.

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