So Much In Love (Movie Thoughts: L’amore a Domicilio/Love Under House Arrest)

I was watching the Italian film ‘L’amore A Domicilio,’ and really, it’s just an okay film. It’s about a man who falls in love with a woman who is under house arrest, and as I watch it under these pandemic times, it makes me ask, where’s the conflict? But anyway, the film itself is a bit of a hot mess. It could never decide what it wants to be a – a romantic comedy, gangster caper film, family drama. It tries to be all those things at one, unsuccessfully.

But something about the film still got to me. The main character, Renato, played by Antonio Milo, falls head over heels in love with Anna (Miriam Leone) and he does everything for her – he buys her things, he invests his time for her, even commits a crime. And there is a scene towards the end when he realizes everything he has done for her, and feels so weak about it that he just wants to leave her, to finally finds himself back. And I just thought, I have been there before, where I have given so much of myself to someone that I have somehow forgotten myself.

Anyway, it was just a thought.

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