And on the 53rd (Scent Thoughts: Fougére L’aube, Rogue)

Every year for my birthday, I try to wear a special scent to celebrate. This has been a weird year, and I did not really celebrate that much. Just before everything went down this year, I got Fougére L’aube by Rogue. This is a new American house, created by Manuel Cross and I am very impressed. Most of what I have smelled from him have brought me back to the perfumes of yesterday. He said he grew up with classic perfumes and wanted to recreate them, with modern flourishes.

Fougere L’aube is a fougere, for sure – it is green and rich, and very fern-y. It is a trip to a wild forest, with lavender flowers and moss (since this is an American brand, oakmoss is actually used) It feels decadent, yet accessible. It skews masculine on paper, but it is truly not. I am enamoured by it and couldn’t think of any other new scent that made me happy this year, and is most fitting as I turned 53.

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