Acrobatic Hearts (Film Thoughts: L’acrobate)

Rodrigue Jean’s ‘The Acrobat’ is definitely a movie you will either love or hate, and to be honest, my feelings vacillate between the two. It’s a story of two men who unexpectedly meet, and their relationship becomes intense quickly. But their relationship is cold, perfectly matched to the old Montreal weather where it is set. These two people hurt each other to show their affection, or is it the other way around? The director doesn’t make it clear.

Parts of the film are hard to watch – there is explicit sex, but it never feels like pornography. There are scenes that made me wince, while others touched me. I don’t know really if I could relate to the relationship between the characters, but I can certainly relate to their personal stories – one has to take care of his sick mother. To be honest, there are parts I really don’t know if I understood. There are feelings shown here between the two mean that I really do not understand. But such id life, right?

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