Call Me After The Wedding (Series Thoughts, We Are Who We Are S01 E04, HBO)

To be honest, I keep going back and forth on Episode Four, ‘Right Here Right Now IV.’ At first, I am thinking it’s a throw-away episode – not much happens, and the main episode does not really propel the main narrative forward. But then as I think about it more, there are very subtle things that you kind of miss, but very essential.

First of all, the relationship between Fraser and Cait. It’s gotten very strong, and they understand each other. In the middle of the whole celebration of the episode with the wedding and the house party, you can sense an underlying sense of melancholy between the two of them. Yes, they probably feel like outcasts in the midst of this crowd. But when they both look at each other, you know that they find strength in each other, and with each other. When Fraser tells her that he kissed another girl, she replies by saying ‘Don’t ever do that again,’ even though you know their relationship is not really like that.

I just wish I knew these characters more. I hardly know Craig and we are supposed to feel – what? – about him going to war and leaving a young bride behind. And didn’t the last episode end with the guys almost beating up Fraser? And the first scene is all of them sharing a bag of Ruffles potato chips. These little inconsistencies kind of bother me.

And for my requisite compare to CMBYN thought – honestly, I thought it was tough, but I found one – the puking scene. Elio pukes when he goes out his last night with Oliver, and both Fraser and Sam puke here as well. And there’s a goodbye the day after in both instances.

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