Teens in Time (Film Thoughts: Dramarama/Max and Me)

Me and teen movies. I know sometimes I complain that some of them can be pretty inane, but there are really times really when I find some that are not bad at all.

One that I really liked is Jonathan Wysocki’s ‘Dramarama.’ This film is about a group of theater kids who are getting together one last time before one of them goes to NYU Drama School. Of course, there is some partying, but there’s also a lot of issues simmering underneath – secrets, lies, desires.

It’s a lot more layered than that, of course. These kids are outcasts, and they think they have all their experiences, but they are really just getting out in the real world. I know and can identify with these kids. I know why they are together. One of them has not come out yet, although he is very close to, and may even do it the same night. It’s a very introspective type of movie, and I was a little bit verklempt when it ended. You can tell that these kids are bound to do bigger things.

Claire Andrew’s ‘Max and Me’ is a teen ghost story, but it’s a sweet and cute story. A young spots his neighbor through his window and then realizes the girl is a ghost. And of course, you can just imagine where the. story is going, but I didn’t really mind it because the actors are charming, and even though the film could probably be shortened a bit, a lot of it is pretty fun. This could be worth your time.

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