Late At Night (Music Thoughts: This Dream Of You, Diana Krall)

If you can believe it, there was a time that I wasn’t exactly ‘sold’ on Diana Krall. But over the years, not only have I warmed up to her, but I have become to really appreciate her artistry. I think I finally turned the corner on her album ‘When I Look In Your Eyes,’ which I used to listen to incessantly (I know every breath of that record) and while I don’t think her later albums after that are as good, there’s still something in all of them I enjoy.

I was excited to hear ‘This Dream Of You,’ because, well lets face it, these are the leftover tracks from her 2017 sessions with Tommy LiPuma which resulted with ‘Turn Up The Quiet.’ LiPuna has since passed away, but since he was the producer of ‘When I Look In Your Eyes,’ I know there’s a lot of good to come from here. And there, I love the slowed-down ‘Singin In The Rain,’ and the tenderness of ‘More Than You Know.’ Krall always lets her instrumentalists sign. She gives great time to Anthony Wilson in ‘But Beautiful,’ and the title befits the moment. One big misstep for me, though: the syncopated unmelodic redoing of ‘How Deep Is The Ocean,’ which ruins the beautiful Irving Berlin melody.

But all in all, still a stellar late night album, perfect with cheese and a Pinot Noir.

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