Peripheries (Short Film Thoughts: Query/Daddy)

I wanted to write about two short films I saw recently, both biot quite pointedly LGBTQIA related, but…

First is Sophia Kargman’s ‘Query’ is about two young men who have been friends since they were eleven years old. The short happens in a course of a day when in the beginning the two men starts talking about sexuality and relationships. Their conversation gets very specific, and you can sense the two characters are very comfortable with each other. By the second half of the film, that comfort is tested when one of them suggests they kiss – will it be a big deal or not? Will it change their relationship? The answer lies in one’s interpretation, of course, but this short is effective in making people question what they think they believe in.

Both actors – Justice Smith and Graham Patrick Martin have good chemistry and you believe the both of them.

I also believed Dylan Sprouse as a male prostitute in Christopher Copolla’s ‘Daddy.’ He gets hired by an older man who just lost his wife. So Sprouse dons a pink dress and has dinner and dances with teh character of Ron Rifkin. You see it’s loneliness that brings the two of them together, and by the end you can see how the transaction has played out.

I commend Sprouse for taking a role like this, which is a little risqué for his teenybopper pretty boy image. I just wish there was a little more characterizations to both characters. But the short film effectively shows what it sets to do.

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