Dirt Water (Perfume Thoughts: Fig & Lotus Flower, Jo Malone)

Where are you going, Jo Malone? I was just testing their other new release, ‘Grapevine and Cypress,’ and was commenting how commercial and generic it smelled. And now I am testing ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ and am similarly puzzled.

First of all, it smells a little bit away from their aesthetic. Yes, it’s kind of a floral, but the lotus flower is so muddled, and in an aquatic way – it smells like dirty water. Look, I like – even love – scents that smell dirty, but here the effect is just unpleasant.

And if you were looking for a fig scent, you won’t find the green sappy kind here. You get a milky kind of fig, and it kind of just sits there. So if you analyze both big notes – they are both uninteresting for me. Worst of all, the dry down is your basic Jo Malone generic woodsy mix – I mean, they can’t even commit to their original idea. This is the closest thing to a scrubber for me in a long time.

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