The French Voice (Music Thoughts: Enchantée, Marie Oppert)

I love me a good soprano so I was excited to discover Marie Oppert, a young French singer based in Paris. I had never heard of her, but saw that her new album, ‘Enchantée,’ has a fantastic repertoire of French and American standards. One note of the album and you will be filled with joy.

She never sounds like she is ‘slumming’ when she sings these songs, as you see her relaxed and comfortable singing them – no arched shoulders for sure.

She takes on Broadway classics like ‘I Got Rhythm,’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’ and sings them not just competently but with firm understanding of the songs’ meaning. She includes more recent choices like ‘The Light in the Piazza,’ and ‘Electricity,’ from Billy Elliot. And when she sings in her native French, you can see she is in her element: her ‘I Will Wait For You’ is pure magic. Marvel in her great voice.

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