You Shouldn’t Have (Movie Thoughts: Then Came You)

Against my best judgement, I kind of like Kathie Lee Gifford. I used to watch her with Regis and found her funny, and liked that she did not take herself too seriously. I loved that she was a great champion to New York Cabaret and was an angel to Nancy La Mott. I know she is probably a fundamentalist Christian at heart who secretly hates gays, but for the most part I show her kindness. I am kind of fond of one of her albums, the one she did with Christopher Marlowe, and some songs from those are from my daily playlist.

So I come into ‘Then Came You’ with a little bit of hope. In my heart, I knew it was probably going to be bad, but I was hoping it would be at least a fun time. Sadly, it wasn’t. The script, by Gifford herself, rehashes some of tritest tropes there is, and I thought maybe she could sell it, but found her trying too hard, and failing. Craig Ferguson has a character that is kind of hard to like, and their chemistry, while relaxed and sure, believable enough, not enough to carry the deficiencies of the script. The Scottish scenery is beautiful, and Gifford has an assured presence – her wardrobe is fantastic – but all in all, the film comes up short. It’s really too bad.

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