Dreamily, Emily (Series Thoughts: Emily in Paris, Netflix)

Darren Star is back and he is now on Netflix with his new series, ‘Emily in Paris,’ and it is a watchable bingeable show that I took all of it in (almost) one sitting. I think it’s the best thing for our pandemic quarantined times – it’s fun, frothy, and it takes place in Paris, and this Paris never looked better – the clothes are chic, the food delicious, the men delectable. I know we cannot travel there right now, and watching it is the next best thing to being there. I was instantly hooked.

All of this despite the fact that I have a little problem with the premise. Emily (Lily Collins) is sent to Paris by her Chicago-based Marketing company to be their liaison. Why they would do this is baffling as she does not speak French. And Emily at once displays all the traits of an ugly American – she sends back her steak because it is ‘bloody,’ creates a commotion in her building because her shower breaks, mocks French women sho smoke outside gyms, acts entitled at her office – but Collins is charming and appealing she somehow overcomes these character traits and you still tae her side.

And also, just like in other Darren Starr shows like ‘Sex and the City,’ and ‘Younger,’ you are in awe of the fashion sense. Collins looks cute in all her outfits (we don’t even care how she can afford them) from her eyelet cropped top she uses for running to the black ball gown she wears to the Opera. Fashionistas will have bulging eyes looking at everything she wears.

And of course, the men. Lucas Bravo, who plays her love interest, plays the French man in all the best way possible (I bet you fall in love with him instantly, too) From their meet-cute to cliffhanger endings, their storyline cute and complicated enough for all to pine for.

I can’t remember the last time I finished a series so quickly, and have been texting friends who I know will lap this series like a French poodle in heat. It’s made for you and me, and you know who you are,

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