Smoky Journey (Perfume Thoughts: Journey Man, Amouage)

I am wearing Amouage’s Journey Man today – I found a sample of it from my stash, probably a couple of years old now. It’s still a good sample, thankfully.

My first reaction to this – it’s such a ‘warm’ scent. It’s very incense-y and I get a lot of pepper (Sichuan pepper to be exact, as per the notes) and at first I was concerned because it is not the coldest of days, but I felt the scent as not very heavy, even with those warm notes.

I like the scent quite a bit. It is nicely layered, and there are tonka beans, and tobacco in the base notes to make it interesting. What is great about it is that you get whiffs of all the notes still in the end – it may sound dense but it gives a very light and airy incense-y feel. It smells quite niche-y and expensive, and will suit a black tie affair as well as an office scent. You get the feeling of ‘dressed up’ with it.

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