Call Me By My Nigerian Name (Series Thoughts: We Are Who We Are, S01 E05, Right Here Right Now V)

In my opinion, a great episode, probably my favorite so far this season in terms of having the narratives move forward. The stories are told in a languid manner, and so subtle that you sometimes don’t even realize it is telling you a story, or moving the narrative forward. 

At the show’s core is the friendship between Fraser and Caitlin. It is ever deepening, as they bond over moments big and small – Caitlin holding Fraser’s penis as he pees, or when Caitlin finally buzzes her hair. They are both giddy at the prospect, and Fraser is hesitant at first, but they realize its importance and symbolism after it is done. As such, their giddiness is about it is infectious. I as a viewer was first saying ,’No!’ then laughign with them afterwards. When Caitlin finally makes a move meeting with harper, he is there to take her. When Caitlin gets ‘called out’ by Giulia, we see her reaching for him, but he is involved with his own storyline of looking for his own identity. It’s dizzyingly fascinating. 

I don’t know about you, though, but I gasped when Maggie and Jenny kissed. I truly did not see it coming. When you analyze the timeline, this episode is months after when they first meet, so clearly the affair has been going on. I don’t know where the connection formed from – loneliness? inattentiveness of their partners? I wonder where this will go. 

With regards to the obligatory compare with CMBYN weekly reference, at first I was at a loss looking for one. Sure, I could use the bicycle scenes, how it is used to propel the stories in both, but looking at the episode deeper I found a bigger connection – between Elio and Fraser. I found their flirtations with both Oliver and Jonathan similar – look at Fraser’s puppy dog eyes when he sees Jonathan, doesn’t it remind you of earlier Elio/Oliver scenes?

All these things make me love the series more. 

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