Conner in Covid (Television Thoughts: The Conners S03 E01)

I don’t know what compelled me to watch the Season 3 premiere of ‘The Conners.’ I mean, I saw the second season premier4e last year and that was it – I never revisited the show after that. Maybe because I read reports that the show will be dealing with how the family handles the pandemic and I thought it would be interesting to see where and how the show takes the topic.

I thought the show has finally become so unfunny now that the whole episode passed by and I did not even crack a smile.

The addition of Katey Sagall doesn’t seem to help, as she brings no personality to her character. She is just there. Everyone else seems to be jus there as well. The jokes are lifeless, they do not land, and the depressing situation feels more depressed. The old show was funny, even as the situation felt dire for the family. Geez, theee’s enough downer in life right I don’t need this at all.

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