Call Me When You’re A Rockstar (Series Thoughts: We Are Who We Are, S01 E 06, Right Here Right Now VI)

I know part of writing about ‘We Are Who We Are’ is looking for scenes that liken it to ‘Call Me By Your Name.’ But here we are on Episode 6, where the part of the episode feels like the movie itself. Fraser and Jonathan, finally. We see him picking up a book to give him, and he even writes a dedication with a wink-wink private joke between them. And then Sarah takes note of it and encourages Jonathan to spend more time with Fraser. So when Jonathan commands Fraser to go out, we don’t know. I mean, is Jonathan sincere, or just trying to get on the good side of his boss? Fraser, understandably is besotted. I am so familiar with what he is going through – playing Jonathan’s voice mail to him, for example. I mean, haven’t we done that ourselves. He even slips and tells Jonathan something about the outing as their ‘first date,’ and Jonathan just smiles. And of course, we also see Fraser’s crestfallen face when he realizes Jonathan also invites a young woman to dinner. Sure, I’ve been there as well. I can sense the euphoria when Fraser gets home, but also in the pit of my stomach, the dread. This will not end well, this infatuation. Most teen infatuations don’t.

I will add a layer to my comparisons, though, and say that I wonder if it was a conscious thing to have Fraser and Jonathan’s outing as a homage to ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ I mean, there’s so much subtext here.

Elsewhere, we see Caitlin trying to bond with her dad, as she slowly realizes who she really is. It’s really rewarding for the story line to see that journey, as we have been with her from the beginning as well.

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