The Brodway Corner (Music Thoughts: The Corner of Broadway and Main Street Vol 2, Voctave)

I am not on the up and up with vocal acapella groups so I had no idea who Voctave was. Apparently they are a very popular group based in Florida and they had a successful album from 2017 of Broadway songs.

Liz Callaway brought my attention to their new album, which is a sequel to that album. Well, she brought me to the album because she sings a track with them, and of course anything Liz does, I follow.

I have to say I am mighty impressed with the album. Liz does sing a beautiful ‘When She Loved me with them’ and it is a highlight of a solid album. The arrangements sound fresh, and you know they love singing this kind of music. The selection is sublime, if a bit all over the place. On one corner is s solemn ‘Children Will Listen’ which sits along a ‘Disney parks Medley.’ But they spirit is definitely there. I don’t know how much of this I will listen to over and over, but what I am hearing right now is fine.

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