Broken Romance (Film Thoughts: The Broken Hearts Gallery)

It’s exciting to see a talented young actress get her due, and especially one who isn’t your white cookie cutter type. Geraldine Viswanatahn stole ‘Blockers’ and it’s good to see her front and center on ‘The Broken Hearts Gallery.’ And she is fantastic here – charming and funny and you just know you are seeing a big star in the making.

Too bad, the movie around her is just so-so, as it is saddled by a lifeless screenplay, even if the set up of the film is somewhat interesting. I didn’t think any of the bits were funny, and Viswanathan tried to sell everything a little too broadly at times.

And since this is supposed to be a romantic comedy, I found that part of the film lackluster as well. I never believed her with Dacre Montgomery’s character – they had little no chemistry, and the relationship of the characters was shallow. All in all, this was just sad because it had so much potential.

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