Second Time Around (Film Thoughts: Borat Subsequent Film)

 I was an unwitting fan of Borat’s first film (has it really been fourteen years?) and I normally stay away from sophomoric crass humor. But then I liked he fact that Borat was ‘outing’ a lot of racists. I mean, in that time and age, it seemed like it would be an embarrassment to flaunt that you are a misogynist and racist. Cut to present day and these people have been emboldened by the President who is one of their own, one who brazenly says that there are good people in the KKK. So what do we make of the new Borat film, called ‘Borat Subsequent Film?’ Does the joke still work?

For the most part, yes. For me, when the gags work, they work splendidly. Some of my favorite bits were the ‘local’ bits – for example, when Borat and his daughter does a dance t a Georgian Debutante Party, and she spreads her legs and shows these uptight people a crotch full of blood. Sure, it’s totally disgusting but also a good F U to these folks. And when Borat daughter tries to go to a pastor to say she has a baby in her stomach (you have to see the film and see how the baby got there) and te pastor gives misguided counsel, it’s a testament to the hypocrisy of Conservative America.

But when the gags are overtly political – Borat in disguise performs a ‘Republican’ song at a State Fair – I just feel exhausted by the situation. Here are people who are openly displaying their biases, who do not care how they look, and let me tell you, they look foolish as a fool can be. When we end the film with the infamous bit with Rudy Giuliani, we are not surprised. I mean, we all can know that Giuiliani is a despicable human being, but do we really need to see visual evidence that he is?

Still, I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud so much. As I said, when the jokes hit here, they are spot-on. You will probably scream and squirm with some of the antics, and either reaction should be entertaining. 

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