Which Witch? (Film Thoughts: The Witches)

Since it’s Halloween, I thought I would want to watch something on the ‘scary’ side. To be honest, I probably am not the best person to be writing about these films, as the genre just isn’t for me. It just doesn’t interest me, and as much as there’s a lot of things happening on screen when I watch them, I just get bored.

But I wanted to watch  ‘The Witches’  because of Anne Hathaway, as I am always fascinated by her work. And she is fantastic here in this film. As The Grand High Witch, Hathaway is absolute perfection. She has crafted a real character, with a wardrobe to die for, and an accent that is post Melania Trump. She preens and coos and she is scary, but of course, as great as the character is, it’s all costumes and CGI to me. There real isn’t much humanity in there, but then why am I looking for some?

The plot is pretty standard witch fare. The first half of it worked better for me, as there was actual narrative. Th second half struggled to keep my attention, as it was more of the same – all soaring musical score and special effects. As I said, this is just not for me, and I surprised I was able to hang in that long

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