Francesca For The Holidays (Music Thoughts: This Christmas, Francesca Batistelli)

What the heck, since Halloween is over, we are, whether we like it or not, we are thrust in the Holiday season now. I don’t know how I will celebrate this year, if even i do. Pandemics can change your perspective about things, and for all we know, we may have our most meaningful holidays yet.

But surely I can go about my ‘tradition’ of writing about new holiday music, right? I had never heard of Francesca Batistelli before, and I did a little bit of googling – she ids a multi awarded young Christian and gospel singer. That would normally give me pause (she is probably homophobic) but I went ahead and listened to her album, and it is magnificent. It is soulful, and she really knows how to get into the meat of these songs. It is spiritual, for sure, and she definitely excels on these faith-based songs (Silent Night has never sounded more about the heart) My favorite one is ‘Messiah.’

But, she also was great singing the ‘regular’ songs – the title track is a fun one, and while it is a great cover, it sounds like her own. And speaking of her own songs, she has an original I like – ‘Christmas Valentine’ a fun dittie and romantic new holiday song.

so yes, I really love the album and will listen to it throughout the holidays. I hope she isn’t homophobic.

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