Minus Ten (Movie Thoughts: Holidate)

Since I just wrote about a Holiday album, I should follow it up with a Holiday film. Right? Right? Well, I am doing it. From Netflix comes ‘Holidate,’ a promised romantic comedy offering. Sometimes I wonder where some of these Netflix films came from – did the streaming service buy this film already done, I wonder, or were they instrumental in developing it?

Because ‘Holidate’ is bad. Yes, really bad – it’s neither romantic or funny, despite a cast that’s genuinely interested in trying to make something out of this crap.

What is it with modern rom-coms and their quest to always put something very crude in their stories – is this the Judd Apatow influence? Because some of what is in ‘Holidate’ is terrifyingly offensive, devoid of wit and charm. I felt bad for Emma Roberts who as an actress is amiable enough but in here is asked to do a lot of undignified acts. And Kristin Chenoweth, one of my favorite Broadway performers is cast as a witless aunt. All the comedic antics made me squirm. And there was no chemistry between the leads, so I felt no romantic anything in there, too. This film is justr another abomination in the list of 2020 failures.

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