When There Is Hope (Film Thoughts: The Way I See It)

So where were you when the Networks proclaimed Joseph Robinette Biden Jr the 46th President of the United States? I was at home, getting ready to go out, as my friend and I were going to IKEA to buy scented candles there (the Byredo collab) It is, of course, a historic moment for our country, and a bright day after years of darkness.

I thought it was also time for me to finally see Dawn Porter’s documentary ‘The Way I See It,’ which chronicles Pete Souza’s years in the Obama administration as the official photographer for the administration.

I’ve been itching to see it, but wanted a momentous occasion. Or really, if I have to be honest, I want it to supplement the moment when Biden finally won. I wasn’t mistaken – it’s a film that will give you hope. It will give you a window of what’s to come, and what’s to come will be most welcome after this disastrous time we have right now.

Souza was the photographer for part of the Reagan years. Like myself, he wasn’t really a big fan of Reagan’s policy, but of course as a statesman, no one can rival the man’s charisma. In interviews, he outlines the significance of an administration’s official photographer – it captures in moment’s a president’s moments, whether big or small. IN Obama’s case, he ventures to say that he thinks Obama’s biggest moment was a small; one – when he coached his daughter’s basketball team. You will be in years when he talks about the mom ent marriage equality became the law of the land – he says it is one of those rare instances when he asked his wife t drop everything and take a cab to the White House to witness history unfolding.

Maybe I am just being emotional, but this is a real gem of a film.

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