Carrie On (Music Thoughts: My Gift, Carrie Underwood)

Carrie Underwood give her fans a Holiday gift by releasing ‘My Gift,’ her first album of Holiday music. And it is exactly the kind of Christmas album you would expect from her.

One of her biggest hits is ‘Jesus Take The Wheel,’ and there is no shortage of religious-themed carols here. You got your ‘Mary Did You Know,’ your ‘Joyful Joyful,’ your ‘Sweet Baby Jesus,’ so you can say that she really knows her audience.

I found her voice to be predictably competent, but also kind of boring. I don’t think she stretched herself creatively here, (it sounds like she phoned it in) But then again why should se? I am sure this album will sell tons, and will make a lot of people happy. I just wish there was more of anything else here.

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